Our Services

Using NLP and Neuroscience within a business context can improve and enhance communication, rapport building and goal setting.  NLP has a proven positive effect on business performance.   Equip your team with specific skills for dealing with people who perceive the world differently from us and help improve relations with peers, bosses, customers, new prospects, and across cultural divides in multinational companies.

NLP contains some of the most powerful practical tools and techniques for personal and professional development and advanced communication skills and is fundamental in developing strong emotional intelligence and promotes positive, ethical change. We offer several training programmes to suit our clients’ needs as well as bespoke training programmes to fit your requirements.


We want to know more about you and your place of business and understand your strategic goals and challenges, identify skill gaps and find out what’s holding your business back from being even more profitable.


We offer an initial consultation to discuss your goals and objectives, establishing a timeline that works for you. Challenges and strengths are then identified so that measurable goals can be set. A customised strategy and action plan together with a coaching schedule will be created.


We develop training specific to your needs and our approach is delivered via experiential learning. This can include but is not limited to surveys with personal feedback, attending workshops and engaging in business simulation exercises and role-playing.


Every training package we design includes an evaluation component. Not only do we evaluate your employees’ learning, we ask you and your staff to evaluate us: Did the training meet your expectations? Did it solve a specific problem or problems? What could we do better next time?