4 Misconceptions of Coaching

If you are not familiar with business coaching, it’s many benefits and purpose may not be immediately obvious to you, or maybe you have even heard of popular misconceptions and want to arm yourself with further knowledge before seeking the services of a coach.

Before we go ahead with the misconceptions, let us explain what business coaching is. In a nutshell, this practice, guided by a qualified coaching professional, helps businesses improve their own practices and achieve growth and success from a personal and professional viewpoint. A coach will assess where you are now with your business, look at where you want to be and will suggest solid tools and techniques you can implement immediately to help you get there.

This article strives to identify and challenge some of the most common misconceptions around business coaching, so let’s get started.

Misconception – Coaching Is Only For Failing Businesses

Fact – 
Coaching is For ALL Businesses at ALL Levels of Operation.
Coaching is a tailored approach, so no matter what you do and where you business is at the moment, a professional business coach will assess you and your business individually to ensure you are utilising your strengths and will open up the best route to your end business goals and aspirations. Business coaching is very popular with Fortune 500 Companies!

Misconception – Coaching is a ‘Quick Fix’ or an Instant Solution

Fact – 
Coaching builds on your goals and level of commitment and effort over time to provide long lasting results once a solid approach is adopted. Have you ever heard the term “More haste, less speed”? This quote can also be applied to coaching in a broader sense. Like anything, the more you focus and apply the knowledge strategically, the better the end result is going to be.

Misconception – Your Coach Should Have Experience in the Same Type of Business as You

Fact – 
You are the expert in your business and a business coach is the expert in theirs.
A business coach doesn’t need to have worked in the same sector as you to help you improve your business and your future prospects. YOU are the driving force in your business and a professional business coach will aid you in improving yourself, your outlook and your core goals to ultimately help your business, whatever it is.

Misconception – Coaching is a New Concept

Fact – 
Coaching is far from new, in fact, business coaching has been around since the 1980’s and was utilised and advocated by IBM in the early 1990’s. The business coaching methodology is not just for corporate giants anymore as small and medium sized businesses have seen the value in business coaching, utilised age old practices and jumped on the bandwagon to benefit their business. Today, business coaching is a fundamental part of how modern businesses do business, stay at the top of their game and boost their bottom line.

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