How Coaching Can Reduce Workplace Stress!

Stress is our body’s way of reacting to external demands, but when those demands are higher than our ability to cope, stress is the natural response. A certain amount of stress in the workplace is healthy and means that we can react appropriately to demanding or high pressure situations in the short term, however, when that stress becomes extreme or chronic over time due to a multitude of stressors, it can affect every part of the body including physically and emotionally and will also begin to have an impact on our behaviour; this doesn’t stop at one person, workplace stress can breed, become a pattern and infiltrate all parts of a business too.

Some common signs of workplace stress include;

– Anxiety
– Insomnia
– Fatigue
– Muscle tension and headaches
– Panic and heart palpitations
– Feelings of dread and racing mind

So, how can coaching reduce the negative effects of workplace stress?

Developing Healthy Coping Strategies


Coaching aims to gradually shift negative thinking patterns and behaviours and replace them with healthier coping strategies to effectively deal with healthy amounts of stress in the workplace. This type of strategy creates a practical and powerful long-term relationship with normal day to day stress.

Boosting Resilience


One of the most productive ways to deal with stress is by boosting our resilience to external demands and stressors. Coaching will identify and build upon your internal strengths so you can draw on them when you most need them to cope with the demands of a sometimes fast paced working life in a more balanced way.

Building Confidence


The act of confidence is behind so many wonderful and positive experiences in the business world. Imagine yourself and your colleagues having the confidence to deal with problems swiftly as they arise and knowing that you have got this.

Preventing Burnout


In severe cases and when prolonged stress is not dealt with appropriately, burnout will follow. Burnout is an extreme and debilitating form of stress and can be prevented by recognising and acting upon warning signs and pre-empting when change needs to happen.

Identifying Problem Areas


A coach will actively support you and your team to identify any problems or high stress areas within the workplace and help you discover the tools to eliminate the cause of them or your responses to them.

If you would like to reduce your negative responses and eliminate unhealthy stress in your workplace, we would love to help. Our coaches are here to help you achieve your coaching objectives. We will support you in establishing your vision for your business and how that vision fits with the rest of your life. Get in touch here.