Managing Using a Coaching Mindset – The Benefits!

Coaching and managing are often seen as one and the same thing but being a great manager does not always mean being a great coach and vice versa, although some of the core skills in both these approaches do overlap from time to time, the main principles are different. Let’s take a look at the key differences between the two and how, when combined they can be used to lead, influence and motivate people in the workplace.

What is the Role of a Manager?

A manager takes on a leadership role within the workplace to guide a team of employees to an end goal for the business. They navigate problems that arise which may affect those overall goals and coordinate solutions to everyday occurrences. Delegating is a big part of managing a workload. Managers don’t always or necessarily work to the strengths of individual team members but often follow internal processes which cause the least disruption and the lowest cost to the organisation.

What is the Role of a Coach?

Coaching at its core is focussed on the individuals behind the often-rigid managerial processes and believes that everyone has something to offer within an organisation. Coaching builds on the strengths, core skills and confidence of employees to nurture excellent leaders. You can read a more in-depth article we wrote on executive coaching via our resources here.

What are Effective Ways to Lead, Influence and Motivate People in the Workplace?

Here are just some of the habits of effective leaders who operate within a coaching culture. Organisations who adopt this approach benefit from a happier workforce, streamlined processes, effective management styles and a significant boost in business revenue:

  • Transparent goal setting within the organisation
  • Providing employees with the tools and space they need to work effectively
  • Allowing constructive feedback from all points of view
  • Creating a positive and healthy working environment
  • Providing opportunities to grow and develop
  • Guiding employees through challenging situations


If you would like to move on from the often-outdated managerial style which might be occurring within your organisation and embrace a coaching culture where your company and employees can thrive, we can help. We will envision your vision, aid you in your journey and celebrate your success. If you would like our help to take your business to the next level, contact our team today.