The Top 4 Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

With the aid of a qualified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy uses a range of techniques to bring an individual to a higher state of awareness and self-enlightenment through the power of a positive mental state and the alleviation of any negative symptoms they may be experiencing. Used in a professional setting, this well respected, NHS approved, and globally popular therapy contains numerous benefits for a healthier outlook but unfortunately, to those who are unaware of its benefits, some misconceptions remain. In this article, we aim to correct those misconceptions and provide some insight into how hypnotherapy can help your business go from strength to strength. Let’s take a look.


Misconception – The Hypnotised Client Loses all Free Will or Becomes Unconscious

– This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions around hypnotherapy in general, partly thanks to how hypnotherapy has been portrayed over the years in the media. TV and stage shows have played a big part in altering the public perception of hypnotherapy and, although entertaining, these light-hearted events are not a true representation; the actual benefits are far more rewarding.

Misconception – Hypnotherapy is only used for weight loss, smoking or phobias

– The truth is, if hypnotherapy can be used successfully as an aid in the battle against weight loss, giving up smoking or phobias, then it is powerful and permanent enough to help you achieve success, develop as a leader and help your business and the people in your team to grow. Guided hypnotherapy carried out by a qualified hypnotherapist is one of the most worthwhile and productive things you can do for your business in the long run.

Misconception – Hypnotherapy is ‘Hocus Pocus’

– Hypnotherapy has been successfully used since the 2nd World War and gleaned positive results even in that era. Various techniques were applied to war patients in hospitals to aid pain management and as an alternative to anaesthesia. History records dictate that hypnotherapy also dates back as far as Ancient Egypt with references to the practice recorded in hieroglyphics within tomb walls.

Today, modern hypnotherapy is endorsed by the NHS and a recognised and progressive approach in aiding and developing positive mental health and good leadership skills. When implemented by a certified professional, hypnotherapy can enhance a client’s perception of their abilities and unlock the potential within the subconscious mind, bringing forward effective coping strategies and new approaches to help the client and their business flourish.

Misconception – Hypnotherapy Isn’t a Long-Term Solution

– The techniques and tools used in hypnotherapy are life-long and you will see measurable results in your business and personal life parallel to practicing the techniques with an accredited coach. Hypnotherapy can help get you on track to achieving your business aspirations and end goals by gradually and positively changing your perception of yourself and the people around you and, in turn, will ultimately establish you as a better leader and communicator.

If you are looking for an effective hypnotherapy solution which incorporates and encourages your vision, your journey and your success, we can help! We aim to know more about you and your place of business to understand your strategic goals and challenges, identify skill gaps and find out what’s holding your business back from being more profitable. Need our help? Contact us here.