The Top 4 Misconceptions about NLP

While NLP is regarded by most as a tool to aid self-improvement and to foster and build upon excellent leadership skills and a marked increase in self-confidence, unfortunately there are also some misconceptions about using this highly effective method. Our aim is to highlight theses misconceptions and dispel the myths, let’s jump right in.


Misconception 1 – NLP Controls the Mind (NLP Does Not Control the Mind)

A common misconception about NLP practice is the notion that it can control the mind, leaving it susceptible to manipulation from an outside source. The idea that NLP can take over the mind is not an accurate one and almost the complete opposite is true. In order to utilise NLP to its full potential, an individual must be open and willing for pre-agreed improvement. While NLP cannot control the mind and you cannot make anyone do anything they don’t want to do, it can certainly help control your business in the areas that are lacking such as communication, productivity, and leadership.


Misconception 2 – NLP is not Effective. (NLP Is Effective)

The truth is NLP is extremely effective when used correctly by a qualified practitioner in the right setting and for the right purposes. As we mentioned above, for NLP to be effective, you must want change and be willing to work towards a shared goal. NLP popularity in a business setting has skyrocketed in recent years and remains one of the most suitable choices for boosting success as an established part of business development and can also help with career advancement and recruitment.


Misconception 3 – NLP is for the Unmotivated (NLP Is Designed for The Motivated)

Although NLP is a highly sought-after approach for business leaders and those in a high-level role, the great news is, anyone can benefit from the power of NLP. In fact, deciding to use NLP to further your aspirations, goals and skills takes a particularly good grasp of the bigger picture and some motivation before you even begin. Rather than ‘creating’ motivation, NLP ‘builds’ on motivation and the skills that are already there and brings them to the forefront to improve the future.


Misconception 4 – NLP Can be Self-Taught. (NLP Cannot Be Self-Taught to a High Level)

While self-improvement and NLP itself is a wonderful journey of self-awareness and retrospection, it is a good idea to bring a trained professional on board to ensure the techniques are carried out correctly and that they meet your needs and long-term goals. Many business owners choose to utilise the services of a coach for this purpose, which long term benefits not only them, but their whole team!


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