What is hypnotherapy?

When you think of hypnotherapy, do people wanting to lose weight or quit smoking jump to mind? It’s a natural assumption and although hypnotherapy is successfully used in psychology, core hypnotherapy techniques are also highly effective in business coaching. The purpose of this article is to take a closer look at hypnotherapy and why it is an effective tool in a business environment when used as part of a wider circle of aspirations, goal setting and a fundamental need for workforce improvement.

This type of therapy has the unique ability to get clients to a mental state that is incredibly conducive to introspection, creative problem solving and improved sensory awareness. Can you imagine a time when you were fully immersed in something and almost unaware of what was going on around you? This is what the hypnotherapy process feels like and our aim is to positively build on this by allowing you to delve inwards and explore and improve your own natural resources from a more enlightened perspective.

If a situation arises where typical coaching methods don’t meet the expectations of a client due to other personal issues, such as symptoms of stress and self-limiting beliefs, for example, hypnotherapy can be used by qualified professionals to help alleviate these issues. Hypnotherapy reaches further into the subconscious mind to glean greater results. Therapy carried out in this way allows the client to access unconscious motivations that are most often unknown to them. This aids a coach to suggest strategies that will help the client overcome obstacles and successfully move forward as part of a more structured end goal.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Using hypnosis in a business environment is just one of the many tools utilised by successful businesspeople. Some of the benefits include:

  • Encouraging relaxation – No matter where you are on the corporate ladder, the time and ability to relax is not always there; hypnosis provides this opportunity by helping clients maintain a calm state of mind, which nurtures more relaxed leaders and employees.
  • Relieving stress – The business world is an incredibly stressful one, so finding any way to reduce that level of stress is beneficial.
  • Aiding performance anxiety and helping to prepare for important meetings and interviews.
  • Providing the tools to help rebuild self-confidence – Even powerful leaders can still experience a lack of confidence.
  • Boosting self-belief and trusting instincts to succeed.
  • Providing a fresh perspective and building upon existing goals and strategies.


Considering all the benefits, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in proactively supporting the pathway to success for you, your company, and employees.

Why Choose Us?

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