When to Use a Business Mentor, Coach or Consultant and their Key Differences

You have probably heard a lot of words like consultant, coach and mentor being talked about in business circles but, what you might not know is the difference between them or which one to reach out to. Perhaps you know deep down you need some extra support for your own business but don’t know where to turn… We have you covered. This article will explain some of the key differences between the three practices and help you identify when it’s time to enlist their services for yourself and your business. 


A mentor has been where you are now and is willing to share their own experiences, advising and directing you along the way through all stages of your business to accelerate learning in comparison to doing it alone. A good time to approach a mentor is when you would like to learn more effectively or a lot quicker than you would individually or need to gain a deeper insight of your sector. This is especially helpful if you are embarking on a new role or process with little or no knowledge; A mentor will already have this knowledge and experience and be willing to share it with you, stepping in more casually as a friendly and familiar ‘sounding board’. 


A coach supports your personal and career goals by helping you to discover more about your inner self and creating practical solutions by understanding your behaviour, personality and how you communicate. A skilled coach utilises powerful, guidance-based techniques to encourage, support and empower you to unearth and develop your strengths and realise your own solutions in a highly focussed and strategic way; allowing you to align your personal goals and the goals of your business. One of the ideal times to enlist the services of a coach is when you need access to the techniques to challenge, support and explore areas that may be otherwise untapped. This will help you to take positive steps to develop new skills and achieve growth both personally and professionally.  


Consultancy services are hired by a business when their expertise and instruction is required to support and implement systems, processes or legislation depending on their expertise and the requirements of the business. A consultant will advise and provide practical solutions to everyday scenarios and works differently to a mentor or a coach. A consultant will share their specialist business knowledge and instruct senior staff to implement changes to different parts of the business. An ideal time to reach out to a consultant is when your business processes lack direction, and you need to get it back on track. 

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