What is Executive Coaching?

More and more often you’ll see summits, books, and blogs centred around how to turn yourself into a more effective leader and communicator. There is a clear trend in the corporate world today in fostering, developing and nurturing talent within the workplace from a wider perspective and a deeper level. If you would like to directly access the tools, techniques, and solutions you need to transform your business, executive coaching is especially beneficial.

What is Executive Coaching?

In a nutshell, executive coaching is an empowering guidance-based, solution focused model of business coaching that seeks to improve communication and leadership skills, particularly of business executives and leaders and, in turn improves the overall morale and success of the business from an employee and financial standpoint.

Here are some of the components of executive coaching:

The most effective models of executive coaching employ several different methods – NLP and Hypnotherapy are just two of them. These methods represent some of the tools necessary to build on outstanding business practices, especially as it relates to leadership.

  • Put simply, NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, takes a deep look into the way a person operates, accounting for actual thought processing, speech and language patterns and the way those thoughts are translated to behaviours. The notion is that those who engage in NLP can unlock and reorganise their emotions and thoughts into effective behaviour patterns that are overall more positive and more productive in the workplace.


  • Hypnotherapy uses a range of techniques to lead an individual to a place of intense focus and leads to a heightened state of awareness which provides a powerful platform for introspection. Hypnotherapy is a meditation like state which is wholly centred around the elements of potential and choice and guided by a qualified professional.


The Benefits of Executive Coaching

The principles that underpin executive coaching will prove beneficial for anyone at any level of leadership, but especially those in an executive position as they stand to gain the biggest benefits from these revolutionary practices on a business and financial level. A deeper understanding of the self leads to a better understanding of your team members. More effective communication methods will serve to move you and those around you closer to established goals as a team.

Leaders who undergo this type of coaching are better able to enjoy the following benefits, in addition to many others:

  • Developing and implementing effective strategies in the workplace
  • How to tap into the potential of yourself and that of your team members
  • Adapting positively to change and remaining calm under high levels of stress
  • Giving you the choice over your behaviour and reactions in the workplace
  • An overall boost in self-confidence and your role as a leader
  • A clearer understanding of goals, both your own and those of your organisation

Without question, these practices are well worth exploring with a professional and certified coach.

Why Choose Us?

Augmentable Coaching are qualified and experienced experts in the field of coaching at an executive level and offer a range of combined coaching techniques utilising NLP and Hypnotherapy to name just a few. We focus on solutions and operate and collaborate on a strict sense of trust. If you would like to find out more about our service and how it can benefit your business, contact us here.