Do you want to adopt a growth mindset and see challenges as opportunities and become empowered and motivated to achieve your goals?


Are you going through a period of change or uncertainty in your workplace? Perhaps you're feeling unsure or overwhelmed on how to navigate through these changes?


Do you feel like there's something hindering your path to success or preventing you from becoming the leader you aspire to be?

If this sounds familiar, our coaching can help you uncover the answers to these questions and unlock your true potential.


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Coaching offers a multitude of benefits for individuals and organisations. By fostering self-awareness, enhancing communication, and cultivating strategic decision-making, coaching empowers individuals to maximise their personal and professional potential. Leaders, in particular, benefit from coaching as it equips them with the skills to become effective communicators, strategic decision-makers, and emotionally intelligent motivators. Ultimately, coaching promotes continuous growth and development, enabling individuals and organisations to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


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Our Lead Trainers:


Francesca Monaco – CEO of Augmentable Coaching

Francesca is a Fellow and Chartered Marketer, Certified Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Mentor, Language and Behavioural Profiling (LAB) Practitioner and mBIT Coach.

She has a passion for Marketing, Training and Coaching and combines her knowledge of NLP with Neuroscience. She is also the Managing Director of a Strategic Marketing Consultancy; Augmentable Marketing Limited which supports clients by providing them with focus and direction to their marketing efforts.


Dr Angela Monaco – COO of Augmentable Coaching

Angela is a Dental Surgeon, Certified Coach,  NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist and mBiT Coach.

She has a passion for Dentistry, Training and Coaching and combines her knowledge of NLP, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence to deliver results.

She has a special interest in career and performance coaching and a passion for helping others to achieve a work life balance.
Angela is a guest trainer in supporting the delivery of NLP Accredited courses.

We Only Work With Associates Who Are Certified Trainers And Coaches.

Your Vision. Your Journey. Your Success

-Augmentable Coaching


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