Why is Coaching Important in Leadership?

Arrows with leader in front

A leader or manager is no longer just an authoritative presence in the workplace. It makes more sense that managers today throw off the constraints of traditional and outdated styles of leadership, revealing their authentic selves and adopting a companywide inclusive and coaching style of leadership to foster positive change among their employees and achieve…

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Managing Using a Coaching Mindset – The Benefits!

Manager and employee sitting at desk talking

Coaching and managing are often seen as one and the same thing but being a great manager does not always mean being a great coach and vice versa, although some of the core skills in both these approaches do overlap from time to time, the main principles are different. Let’s take a look at the…

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What is Burnout?

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Have you ever felt like the demands and responsibilities upon you are far more than your ability to cope on a consistent basis? If the answer is yes, then you might be suffering from burnout, or at the very least, severe stress. This article will take a look at what burnout is, why it occurs,…

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Coaching

What exactly is effective coaching? To answer this question, clear outcome objectives need to be clarified at the onset of coaching to effectively measure success. As coaches, we support a coaching process that creates intrinsic behavioural transformations by improving employees and their leader’s approach to working. This guided approach provides results, a solid impact on…

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5 Ways Coaching Helps Employees

5 employees with their arms in the air

Coaching leadership practices have boomed for good reason, not only does coaching help the management team to do their job effectively, but it also has benefits for employees too. Leaders who adopt a coaching mindset and demonstrate this to their employees are much more likely to see an improvement in productivity, overall atmosphere within the…

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How to Create a Coaching Culture

Employees sitting around a laptop talking

A coaching culture has many benefits to a business, its people and its processes and is successful when leaders open up the lines of communication and consider the needs of their personnel at a profound level. A coaching culture incorporates the company as a whole and some of the benefits include: • Creativity and collaboration…

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How Coaching Can Reduce Workplace Stress!

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Stress is our body’s way of reacting to external demands, but when those demands are higher than our ability to cope, stress is the natural response. A certain amount of stress in the workplace is healthy and means that we can react appropriately to demanding or high pressure situations in the short term, however, when…

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4 Misconceptions of Coaching

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If you are not familiar with business coaching, it’s many benefits and purpose may not be immediately obvious to you, or maybe you have even heard of popular misconceptions and want to arm yourself with further knowledge before seeking the services of a coach. Before we go ahead with the misconceptions, let us explain what…

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What is NLP Coaching?


NLP coaching is a highly successful technique which can be used to improve overall communication, confidence and leadership when applied and nurtured in a business setting. This article will take a closer look at what NLP coaching is and how it can greatly benefit your leaders, your employees, and the bottom line of your business.…

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